Why it's essential to hire a Gas Safe registered engineer for a boiler installation

If you're in need of plumbing and heating services across Wakefield and the surrounding areas, including Leeds and Barnsley, you've probably had a look for reliable and professional tradesmen. However, have you considered whether or not they are Gas Safe registered? If not, you should have done. It is vital when hiring a heating engineer that they are Gas Safe registered to ensure your home receives a reliable, professional and safe service. If you require a Gas Safe registered engineer in Wakefield and the surrounding areas, including Leeds and Barnsley, why not get in touch with Warming Wakefield? 

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What is the Gas Safe Register? 

Wondering what the Gas Safe register is? Well, you're in the right place, so let us explain! Simply put, the Gas Safe register is a list of all U.K businesses or engineers that hold all the essential qualifications to legally work with gas appliances. There are plenty of appliances throughout our home where a Gas Safe registered engineer is the appropriate individual to work on them; such as gas boilers, gas fires, gas cookers, gas hobs etc. Businesses and engineers that are on the Gas Safe register are subject to regular quality checks on the work they have conducted; therefore, if their work is considered substandard and below the expectations of Gas Safe, they can expect to be suspended from the register or even totally removed. 

Why Is it Important to Hire a Gas Safe Registered Engineer for a new boiler installation?

Now that you're aware of what a Gas Safe registered engineer is, you're probably wondering why it's important to hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to safely complete a boiler installation in your home. 

Ensure peace of mind for your expensive new boiler installation

Hiring a Gas Safe registered engineer offers the peace of mind you want when having an engineer install a new boiler in your home in Wakefield. We all know that a new boiler is a significant new investment, so by hiring a Gas Safe registered engineer, you'll guarantee peace of mind that everything will be installed correctly and that your new boiler is ready to go.

Rely on professionalism when getting a new boiler installed

In addition to having the peace of mind you want when hiring an engineer, you can also rest assured that Gas Safe registered engineers know what they are doing! They have all the professional knowledge and experience to be a Gas Safe registered engineer and on top of this, their work is regularly checked to ensure it is up to the expected standards!

Now that you know why you should hire a Gas Safe registered engineer, find out below how you can be sure that your engineer is on the Gas Safe Register. Always remember not to cut corners with the plumbing and heating services you receive for your home!

How Do I Know My Engineer is Gas Safe Registered? 

If you're wondering how you can tell if the engineer you have hired is Gas Safe registered, below are a couple of ways for knowing exactly that and giving you peace of mind that your plumbing and heating needs are in the right hands. 

You can actually just ask your engineer to show you their Gas Safe card.  All gas safe registered engineers are legally obliged to provide you with this upon request, and at Warming Wakefield, we will do so upon request too.

Alternatively, the second way you can go about getting this information is by having a look over it on the Gas Safe Register website. On the website, you can check over a engineers credentials using their registration number or company name to check if they are Gas Safe.