Why should I start considering a smart thermostat installation

Smart thermostat installations are available by Warming Wakefield LTD throughout any area around Wakefield and the surrounding areas such as Leeds, York, Barnsley, and Huddersfield. At Warming Wakefield LTD, we think now is a great time to start thinking about energy saving, and a new and innovative smart thermostat with fantastic new energy-saving features are becoming more and more popular on a wide selection of smart thermostat models enabling you to greatly enhance your home heating experience. 

Why you should consider a new smart thermostat installation

Smart thermostat technology has come a long way in the last few years. With a wide range of features that will help you keep on top of your energy bills, considering a smart thermostat installation is a no-brainer that you need to start thinking about. Below, we have listed some key features that some of our new smart thermostats come with...

Multi-room temperature control

With more and more residents in Wakefield and the surrounding areas working from home after and during the COVID-19 pandemic, there's a good chance that you may want to benefit from heating specific rooms in your home at specific times rather than controlling your entire home's heating with one control button. Multi-room control means you’ll be able to control each of your rooms' temperatures separately, which is perfect for those looking to save energy where it's not needed and for households with differing opinions when it comes to the perfect temperature!

Dynamic hot water control 

Get full control over the temperature of your hot water system with the smart hot water control feature which allows you to control which rooms require the hottest water in the house. For example, if you want your bathrooms showers to be hot this is an ideal control that you can benefit from.

Holiday Mode for when you're away

Save money by opting for a smart thermostat feature called holiday mode. As you’ve likely guessed, holiday mode allows you to save money whilst you are away on holiday. 

Smart Setback control

Smart setbacks help you save money on your heating costs by ensuring that your heating and cooling is only being used when and where you need it.

New 'Geofencing' technology

Smart thermostats with ‘Geofencing’ technology tie into a wider network of smart home devices and can tell when you are home and when you are away - adjusting your heating accordingly for greater convenience and efficiency. ‘Geofencing’ is a must-have feature for those looking to tie their smart thermostat into their smart home network. 

Energy Reports track your energy saving

Energy reports provide in-depth information about how you use your heating and cooling and allow you insights into where you can save and when you are using your heating the most.